Quarter Century Experience Meets Innovation

ECS Mechatronics Offers Solenoid And Spare Parts Solutions.

Since its establishment, ECS Mechatronics Solenoid and Spare Parts Solutions is a customer-oriented Solenoid and spare parts manufacturer with its expert staff and quarter-century of experience.
  Our company, which provides quality service with years of experience, has gained their trust by working with dozens of distinguished brands worldwide. It is preferred as a product supplier of many well-known companies due to its high quality and customized products.
In line with the need for solenoids and spare parts, ECS;

  1. .Solenoid
    1.  Generator, Tractor Heavy Equipment Stop Solenoids
    2. Tractor Liftomatic Solenoids
    3. Lock Solenoids.
    4. Special Solutions
  2.  Linear Actuator
  3.  Special Manufacturing
produces parts that offer the best solution to customer needs in many areas with its solenoid and spare parts product range.

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