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Today, in all sectors, quality of production processes is a fundamental and mandatory step in order to guarantee high quality products at low cost.
For more than a quarter of a century, ECS has been working and designing technologically more sophisticated machines to meet the needs of solenoid and spare parts, paying utmost attention to the selection of raw materials and components, thus ensuring high production of unmatched quality.
That's why ECS Solenoid has been serving a wide range of solutions from solenoid parts to energy solutions, from spare parts to custom-made part solutions for more than 25 years; In order to gain the trust of our customers, we strive to ensure that the spare parts we produce do not cause problems for years and roads, and are invisible to everyone, except the master who assembles them.
We maintain our belief that we can realize our promise of quality and reliability to those who trust our products only through investment and continuous improvement, and we offer the best technological products at the best prices.